In September of 2000, Davies Screen Printing began supplying sign companies and distributors all across Canada with quality acrylic screen-printed letters. Since that time, our business has expanded both in volume and variety, and today we sit confidently as one of our nations top-notch letter manufacturers. Our widespread success comes from a very simple principle: sell the best quality products at excellent prices. Today we offer a variety of products, and still use the same excellent production process that we started over half of a decade ago.

Our website is our latest addition to our business. We wanted to give our customers all the information needed about what we have to offer. If you have any questions about pricing or products which cannot be addressed by this site, you can contact us here.

Sign Letters & Accessories
Our company began its success with our screen printed letters. Initially, we sold several different fonts of acrylic letters, and in multiple sizes. Since that time, we have expanded our flagship acrylic letter products, and have added coroplast letters to our line-up as well. Our acrylic & coroplast letters shine against other manufacturer's products because our professional workers and high-quality inks produce a superior product. We can handle any volume, from small quantities for individual sign companies to large national accounts, and our service staff maintain communication with our customers to ensure that their needs are met.

In addition to our letter products, we offer other accessories such as extensible polearm changers and letter tracking for both acryllic and coroplast lettering. Take a look at our Products and Services page to learn more.

Custom Sign Printing
Many companies require an inexpensive, yet catchy sign that can be mass produced for various locations. Davies Screen Printing can meet these demands by offering custom sign printing. By working closely with our customers, we help them to design a sign that will stand out. Then, using our screen printing process, we can produce the signs in any quantity. If more are needed, we can produce them on-demand!

This process works well for medium-large sized companies that work at many locations (drilling/construction/lawncare), or for political hopefuls looking to advertise in their local ridings. If you need a great-looking customized and affordable sign, then take a closer look at our Customized Sign Printing webpage.

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